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The Rainbow Spirits of Pulse

Rainbow Pulse

Too too many lives lost. Too too many lives are Trans and Black. Today I send love and light to all the beautiful rainbow spirits forced to elevate back to their source after the massacre at Pulse Nightclub. I send light and love to the survivors that must carry the trauma of that memory and to all who had loved ones there that evening or lost loved ones there that evening. Today and always I send love and light to all people who risk all to love whoever their hearts love. For all the brave souls who choose to love above all. You’re beautiful. I painted this work in 2019 for the three-year anniversary of the Pulse tragedy. Celebrating the grace of the classic dip and referencing Pulse are the red & blue vessels of the circulatory system. They remind me of the light filaments of nebulas. I’ve painted red and blue nebulas as images of my own Boricua freedom fighter ancestors whose liberatory legacies transcend colonialism. Red and Blue, colors reflected by hydrogen and oxygen gases out in space, represent the elements of water, our bodies, our earth. We all be beautiful #cosmic light beings. Happy PRIDE to those out in the streets demanding justice and to those home loving up on themselves. May all our spirits rise within the bodies we were born into, the bodies crafted by the authenticity of our spirits, without the toxicity of hatred from others disrupting our beautiful flow. Love you all!

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