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I find it necessary to state here that my art practice has always been influenced, informed, & inspired by the theme of Puerto Rican liberation.  It has served as an obsessive quest ever since my father brought me out of an adolescent identity crisis by talking to me about the hidden history of Puerto Rico.  Coinciding with my years as an art student at LaGuardia High School in NYC, then at Cornell University, art became my journal for my process of self education & affirmation.  In this gallery are individual works exploring this theme.  Other galleries on this site focus on various projects, however Puerto Rican liberation is a thread uniting all of these.  After two decades of an art practice dedicated to exploring this theme, I left New York City where I was born and raised and moved to my parents’ birthplace of Borikén, to commit myself holistically, body, mind and spirit to this journey. Living here has broadened my perspective on liberation and the pursuit of it, as reflected in my work now exploring more universal themes.  None of these are a departure from this original quest.  Puerto Rican liberation is more the nexus from which I branch out and explore all else in this island, in this Diaspora, in this world, and in this universe.  Living here for the last three years has taught me that my political views are less aligned with any singular party, organization or school of thought but with this land itself, my ultimate teacher and guide in this lifetime.  

© 2017-20 by Yasmin Hernandez. All rights reserved.  Moca, Puerto Rico. yasminhernandezart@gmail.com

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