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Eye Surgery Recovery

Para ver ciertas cosas se necesitan otros ojos, los ojos del alma...

-Eugenio María de Hostos

No artist, parent, human being wants to hear "operate or lose your vision" but i mofo did. I never imagined the fear and shock of these last weeks but am here on the other side of surgery, acceptance, transcendence. Week 1 I tried to draw and failed. Week 2, determined, i completed those drawings, at times with both eyes closed, and made more. Other than these therapeutic drawings, I've checked out from everything to focus on healing. I'm still healing. I was able to write this message thankfully but am mostly sticking to voice messages and not really reading/ writing for now. I'm grateful to the spirits who have accompanied me, carried me through this and to those who have sent light, love, and ventured into voice memo world with me. Eternally grateful to my family who is still caring for me. I'm grateful for the medical advances that saved my sight and the eggun who helped me get diagnosed and operated on within 5 days even in this colony, in the middle of election mayhem. I'm grateful to my eyes who have always known and have spent the last decades seeing everything seen and unseen, appreciating, admiring, painting, writing, documenting. I'm grateful to the dinoflagellates, fireflies and cucubanos who have been my spirit animals and all bioluminescent boricuas that taught me to harness light through darkness. Thank you for preparing me and holding me on this continued journey. Hasta la victoria siempre!


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