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 I first learned calligraphy at an after-school program in the 8th grade in East New York, Brooklyn.  Later as an art student, I later began incorporating calligraphy in my creative practice, highlighting quotes of my featured subjects, song lyrics, poems and testimonials.  Calligraphy has been prevalent in Puerto Rican art, used by print makers in the popular silkscreen and graphic traditions.  The late Lorenzo Homar and his student, now Puerto Rican master artist, Antonio Martorell are the artists of my culture that I most look up to for their ability to fuse calligraphy with various media/ techniques as visual artists. With calligraphy I am able to build more complex visuals and contextual narratives, and honor the legacy of my own calligraphy teacher and generations of Puerto Rican artists who have documented the triumphs and struggles of our homeland.

© 2017-20 by Yasmin Hernandez. All rights reserved.  Moca, Puerto Rico.

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