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Studio, gallery Mayaguez, Borikén


Rematriating Borikén Project 

Art rooted in rematriation and liberation, from Brooklyn to Borikén...

Brooklyn-born and raised/ Borikén-based, Yasmín Hernández is an artist, writer, and activist whose work is rooted in liberation practices. Her 2009 project Bieké: Tierra de Valientes, honoring activists who ended US Navy maneuvers on Vieques, introduced her to bioluminescence, transformed her aesthetics and inspired her 2014 move to Borikén. Spending four months without electricity following Hurricane María, fireflies of those dark nights reignited her interest in bioluminescence. In 2018 she launched CucubaNación, a painting series lifting bioluminescence through the darkness of power outages, climate change and colonialism. In 2022 CucubaNación expanded into her art space in Mayagüez. Her current project Rematriating Borikén centers folks on the rematriation journey, documents folks on the rematriation journey with  aesthetics of the Puerto Rico Trench. Yasmin has a BFA from Cornell University and has worked as an artist educator with Taller Puertorriqueño, El Museo del Barrio, and the Studio Museum in Harlem. She is based en el oeste de Borikén.

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