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Videos on the Soldaderas Mural

Commemorating the tenth anniversary of the Soldaderas mural, here are a series of videos detailing the inspiration, symbolism and the legacy of Frida y Julia. 

Nuyorican Poet Sandra Maria Esteves reads Julia de Burgos' "Rio Grande de Loiza" during the unveiling of Yasmin Hernandez' Soldaderas mural. 

In this video by Quemoción, Yasmin takes us on a journey sharing what she admires about Frida Kahlo and Julia de Burgos, her artistic journey, why she sees art as a way to combat colonization, and what it means to be a Soldadera.

Artist Yasmin Hernandez talks in depth on the inspiration behind the Soldaderas mural celebrating Frida Kahlo and Julia de Burgos.

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