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2010s, Decade of Life and Art

Paintings of the 2010s above I remember ringing in this New decade quietly, peacefully, in new momma bliss, nursing my baby on the sofa. A few weeks later, I was at the hospital with my brother when he received the news that his 2nd auto stem cell transplant hadn't had much effect on the cancer and they would not be able to move forward with a life-saving stem cell transplant with my sister as a donor. We lost him three months later. We experienced loads of losses more, including my second pregnancy. I grieved together with Julia y Frida while painting the #Soldaderas mural then learned in the process that I was pregnant again with my rainbow baby Josef. I still feel gratitude towards this decade that knocked me upside the head and kicked my ass repeatedly. With it, through it, I have grown exponentially, and the light of my spirit shines in colors I don't even know how to paint. I #rematriated to my ancestral homeland of #boriken, who kicked my ass some more and birthed me anew. We saw the necessary release of several political prisoners!!! #freethemall As it comes to a close, and we drag ourselves across the finish line before raising our fists triumphantly, my mom too just rematriated after 69 years. And I realize that, poetically, though the decade opened up with an unsuccessful transplant, it closed with the epic journey of my cousin Monique who emerged victoriously from a double lung transplant and is out there partying and celebrating through this holiday season more than all of us put together!!!! So life is good! It is meant to be lived, to grow, to learn to love and be loved higher and better! Through it all I continue to keep sane by painting. Above are some of the images I created this past decade as I look forward to the next. Below are paintings from the past year, 2019. Happy New Year everyone! Many blessings, good health, joy and love for the next decade! 2019 Paintings:

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