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New art website for a new chapter!

March 30th, 2017

Welcome to my new website, I created this site to better organize and share my art and story, placing emphasis on the images and the energy of this new chapter in my life and work. The categories have shifted as I have shifted. It was necessary to create a new space, with a new URL representing where I am today. My former website went live in 2002. Lots can change in 15 years.

What most marks where I am today is this beautiful view that I am blessed to wake up to every morning, now living in Borikén, birthplace of my parents and my ancestors. Moca is not a place my family has ties to but it is where we landed. We can arrive at peaceful places if we trust that the wind will carry us and set us down right where we need to be. I never envisioned such a place back living in Queens, NY. I knew moving to Puerto Rico would be wonderful and challenging. But when I envisioned myself living here all I could see and feel was the bright warmth of the sun, not a space nor a place. Sometimes life has more in store for us than what we can ever imagine.

This first post is a welcome to this new art website. It is an expression of gratitude for all the support I received through (Which is still up by the way. I include links to pages on that site for some older images.) This post is a tribute to this latest chapter with this land as my guide. This is the expanse of land that fuels every thought, every word, every creation, every action. I firmly and enthusiastically stand, eyes and hands open to receive what comes next. I hope you will check in periodically to see what we have created together. from Borikén,

Yasmín Hernández Quirindongo

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