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Archival print reproduction of "Yemaya y Ochun" (2003)

by Yasmin Hernandez Art

Printed on Watercolor Paper, 13 x 19 inches


Print reproduction of my painting "Yemaya y Ochun" which is probably my second most popular image next to my "Yemaya" (2000) painting. This image celebrating these sister orishas is also an ode to women in general and the divine feminine.  The composition is created within a female torso.  The belly is the blue ocean and together hand in hand, Yemaya and Oshun swim up towards the sun, which together with a peacock feather makes up the breasts on this torso.  Oshun is dressed in her characteristic yellow and Yemaya is depicted as a mermaid.  Maferefun Yemaya y Ochun!



Yemaya is a derivative of the Yoruba "Yeye Omo Eja," (Mother whose children are the fish).  She is the Yoruba orisha of motherhood and the sea.  Her colors are blue and white, associated with the sea and her number is seven.  She is also associated with the moon because of its influence on the tides.  Yemaya can be a sweet nurturer or a fierce warrior in defense of her children.  Like the ocean, her character can be just as varied from the calmest lagoon to a violent tsunami.  Yemaya as the nurturer cares for her own children and also motherless children.  She is called upon for guidance of all women, in particular pregnant women and mothers.  Representing the sea, she carries a particularly strong significance to the descendants of enslaved Africans who carried her magic with them across the Atlantic. 



Ochun/ Oshun is the Yoruba orisha of love, sweetness and riches.  Her natural force is sweet water like rivers and waterfalls. Her colors are yellow and gold and her number is five. She is associated with honey because of its sweetness and with mirrors as a representation of her beauty and femininity. Oshun also presides over fertility, pregnancy and romantic relationships. 


Artist Info:

Yasmin Hernandez is a Brooklyn-born and raised artist whose work is centered on rematriation and liberation. In 2014 she moved to her ancestral homeland of Borikén where she is still  based.



All images featured on this shop are original artwork by Yasmin Hernandez Art. Under no circumstances should any of the images or content of this shop, in whole or in part, be printed, copied or reproduced without direct permission from the artist. Thank you.

Yemaya y Ochun archival print

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