Soldaderas Mural (Frida Kahlo & Julia de Burgos)-5 Year commemorative print 
by Yasmin Hernandez Art
Limited edition, numbered, hand-signed
Digital Print on watercolor Paper 
(11 x 17 inches- printed image/ 13 x 19 inches paper size)
(Special hand-painted enhanced prints also available.  Check under "Print Type" for pricing)

On July 6, 2011, I unveiled my mural "Soldaderas" in the Modesto Flores Community Garden in El Barrio/ East Harlem, NYC.  The mural is a tribute to Mexican painter Frida Kahlo and Puerto Rican poet Julia de Burgos.  This date of July 6 was chosen as it is Kahlo's birthday and the anniversary of when Julia de Burgos passed on.  The mural honors the common work, struggles and legacies of both mujeres.  

In honor of the 5th birthday of the "Soldaderas" mural, I have created a special commemorative print.  It is a variation of the original artwork, repainted to include more details.  It also features, more prominently, two of the Julia de Burgos quotes included on the original mural.  One of the quotes, is an excerpt taken from Julia de Burgos' poem "Regalo de los Reyes". It speaks of honoring our flag, giving it a kiss as if it were a maternal caress. Although de Burgos wrote the poem for her own Puerto Rican flag, I include it on a shared red stripe as a message to all Puerto Ricans and Mexicans/ Chicanos to honor our flags.  

The original mural (see photos), as well as this commemorative print, borrow their composition from Frida Kahlo's famed painting "Las dos Fridas." Instead of featuring two Frida Kahlos, Frida and Julia sit side by side, hand in hand as a symbol of sisterhood and Mexican/ Puerto Rican solidarity.  This is a reference to the two neighboring communities in East Harlem and to the common histories of Mexico and Puerto Rico.  

Prints are created/ numbered/ signed and sold as ordered until a maximum of 200 have been produced.  The prints are the product of my having worked with a giclee print of the original mural, then repainted it with additional details, embellishments using acrylic paints and inks.  The artwork was then scanned, worked, and reworked digitally by me a number of times until the digital prints matched the original work as closely as possible. 

For more information on the original mural, symbolism, significance, background on Puerto Rican/ Mexican solidarity and history, visit the Soldaderas mural's webpage at:

Artist Info:
Yasmin Hernandez is a Brooklyn-born and raised artist who rematriated to her ancestral homeland of Borikén in 2014, where she is still based.
All images featured on this shop are original artwork by Yasmin Hernandez Art. Under no circumstances should any of the images or content of this shop, in whole or in part, be printed, copied or reproduced without direct permission from the artist. Thank you.

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