Abajo los Asesinos, Ponce Massacre Remix, 2015
by Yasmin Hernandez Art
Enhanced, hand painted digital print reproduction of the Ponce Massacre (1997), hand painted mat, acrylic and ink on paper.   
16 inches x 12 inches

Although this is largely a print reproduction of my Ponce Massacre painting, I call it a remix because it recontextualizes it within the painted mat.  The original 1997 painting is based on a newspaper image of the Ponce Massacre, a tragedy that took place in my parent's hometown of Ponce, Puerto Rico in 1937.  The Nationalist Party of Puerto Rico had planned a peaceful parade in commemoration of the abolition of Slavery in Puerto Rico.  It took place on March 21st, 1937.  Because of the Nationalist Party's anti colonial stance, the American chief of Police denied the parade permit.  Having planned a peaceful parade the people chose to continue as planned.  As the parade began with various members of the community, children included, the police fired shots into the crowd.  In the end 21 people were killed and 150 were left wounded.  One of those killed, before collapsing, dragged himself to a wall where he wrote in his own blood:

"Viva la republica, Abajo los asesinos" 
(Long live the republic, down with the assassins) 

I matted the print of the Ponce Massacre painting.  I painted the mat gold and mixed acrylic colors to simulate that of dried blood.  With this paint I copied the above text, as it appears in the photograph taken in 1937.  

I also enhanced the Lares flag in the painting.  

Lares Flag: 
The flag featured in the artwork, known as the Lares flag was designed by abolitionist and liberationist Ramon Emeterio Betances who also organized the Grito de Lares revolution of 1868 in which Puerto Rico attempted to secure independence from Spain. He designed the flag in solidarity with the flag of the Dominican Republic as a tribute to his own shared Dominican heritage, as well as his belief in a confederacy between the various nations of the Antilles. The flag was sewn by revolutionary Mariana Bracetti who also took up arms in the revolution. As such, she was known as "brazo de oro" or "golden arm." The Lares flag is still waved throughout the Diaspora by supporters of Puerto Rican liberation. 

Remixes of Original Paintings:
Remixes are my play on the hip hop terminology of creating a new version of an already existing song.  In my case, I take one my previous works and create small-scale "remixes," combining a print reproduction of the original piece, with additional painted, drawn and/ or collaged elements to recreate a new, smaller, more affordable version of the original.  They are "remixes" of  my existing works, but they are not exact small scale replicas.  Each piece is unique.   Remixes are a great option for those wanting to collect original art but at a more affordable rate.

(The watermark with my website that appears over the image is for on-line purposes only and does not appear over the artwork)

Copyright Notice: 
The artwork included in this shop is all original artwork by artist Yasmin Hernandez. Copyright is retained by the Artist. Under no circumstances should any of the images or content of this shop, in whole or in part, be printed, copied or reproduced without direct permission from the artist. Thank you.

To see my webpage on the original Ponce Massacre painting visit: http://www.yasminhernandez.com/ponce.html

Ponce Massacre Magnet (Prohibido Olvidar)


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