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Yasmin Hernandez Art
Luisa Cósmica, 2019
Archival Giclee Print on Velvet Fine Art Paper
9.5 x 12 inches

This limited edition, archival giclee print on Velvet Fine Art paper is of my original 2022 painting of Luisa Capetillo, created for an exhibition at Casa Ulanga in her hometown of Arecibo, commemorating the centennial since her passing. Not widely known and celebrated as she should be, Luisa was one of the first, radical feminists of the Americas. She was a writer, journalist, feminist, anarchist, spiritist, worker's rights activists and organizer of labor strikes. She worked as a lectora or reader in cigar factories in Puerto Rico and in Tampa and was arrested in Cuba for wearing pants. She dressed in men's clothing and revolted against many other cultural and societal impositions on women. She was a supporter of free love and a critic of organized religions. Her 1911 book Mi opinion sobre las libertades, derechos y deberes de la mujer is most likely the first radical feminist writing in Puerto Rico and among the first in Latin America. 


Black Backgrounds have been part of my creative practice since 2009 in honor of Vieques’ bioluminescent bay and that took on new meaning after living through Hurricanes Irma and Maria and their dark aftermath.

Artist Info:
Yasmin Hernandez is a Brooklyn-born and raised artist whose work is centered on rematriation and liberation themes. She moved to her ancestral homeland of Borikén in 2014, where she is still based. CucubaNación is her artspace in Mayaguez.


All images are original artwork by Yasmin Hernandez Art. Under no circumstances should any of the images, in whole or in part, be printed, copied or reproduced without direct permission from the artist. Thank you.

Luisa Cósmica Giclee Print

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