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Yasmin Hernandez Art
Hand-painted CucubaNación Bag 2022
Acrylic on black bag 

CucubaNación (Cucubano + nation or nation of light) started as a 2018 painting series following the post-Hurricane María darkness. In 2022 it expanded into my store-front art space in Mayaguez. Originally inspired by the bioluminescent waters of Vieques, this hand-painted bag envisions the archipelago of Puerto Rico in its green light and the aqua light of our three main bioluminescenct bays in Vieques, Fajardo and Lajas. 

Artist Info:
Yasmin Hernandez is a Brooklyn-born and raised artist whose work is centered on liberation and rematriation. She moved to her ancestral homeland of Borikén in 2014, where she is still based.

All images are original artwork by Yasmin Hernandez Art. Under no circumstances should any of the images, in whole or in part, be printed, copied or reproduced without direct permission from the artist. Thank you.

CucubaNación hand painted bag

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