Yasmin Hernandez Art
Corazón Luciérnaga remix, 2019
Print of original artwork by same title, color pencil, gold ink on black mat board, high gloss medium

10 x 8 inches (fits into 8x10 inch frame)

This remix of my 2019 Corazón Luciernaga painting includes the Spanish text of a prayer that I wrote to my own heart. It is from my CucubaNación painting series which explores various forms of bioluminescence of Puerto Rico. In these works inspired by fireflies, I paint my subjects in red and yellow against black backgrounds, with a green glow. Fireflies are poetically the same colors of black liberation.


Remixes are original, mixed-media works combining prints of previous paintings with new images, designs, text, ideas. Versus buying a simple digital print reproduction, remixes are an opportunity to collect a favorite image as a reworked, small-scale, more affordable original. Like my brother who I watched experiment with different break beat samples on turntables, I sample and experiment with previous images and new influences. Remixes are priced not necessarily by size, but by the amount of work and detail incorporated in each.

Black Backgrounds: I began working on black backgrounds in 2009 in honor of Vieques’ bioluminescent bay. Around the time of my rematriation to Puerto Rico, I started exploring spirit concepts by painting nebulas against dark backgrounds. These explorations took on new meaning after living through Hurricanes Irma and Maria and their dark aftermath and now the “earthquake swarm”. I now explore different forms of Puerto Rico-inspired bioluminescence.

Artist Info:Yasmin Hernandez is a Brooklyn-born and raised artist who rematriated to her ancestral homeland of Borikén in 2014, where she is still based. Her work explores liberation, light and love.

All images are original artwork by Yasmin Hernandez Art. Under no circumstances should any of the images, in whole or in part, be printed, copied or reproduced without direct permission from the artist. Thank you.

Corazón Luciérnaga (Firefly Heart)