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To read my rematriation reflections on my journey from Brooklyn to Puerto Rico,
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April 8, 2020

(Post bilingüe / English follows below)

Además de ser revolucionario, autor del Grito de Lares, diseñador de nuestra primera bandera, abolicionista, Betances fue médico. Trabajó la epidémica del cólera en Puerto Rico y ayudó con otras enfermedades por varias islas del...

December 31, 2019

Paintings of the 2010s above

I remember ringing in this New decade quietly, peacefully, in new momma bliss, nursing my baby on the sofa. A few weeks later, I was at the hospital with my brother when he received the news that his 2nd auto stem cell transplant hadn't ha...

September 10, 2019

Recently, while sleeping I felt a tickle on my arm.  I slapped my arm, thinking it was a mosquito, then covered myself with the blanket. The tickle continued. I proceeded to slap my arm again knowing something had invaded my bed. I opened my eyes to find that though t...

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